Quick Notes

Here are some quick notes about this Engine and some rules that need to be followed while using it :

  • This engine contains a 3-pass rendering technique to render every frame, so each frame is actually drawn 3 times before displaying onto the screen.
    • One for shadow mapping.
    • One for trapping the depth and light intensity.
    • One for drawing the image finally onto screen and applying the post processors.
  • The UpdateLight and UpdateCamera Method contained in the XBase class must be called before updating all models and skinned models in the Update Method.
  • The Draw Method in all Models must be called in between the BeginDraw and EndDraw Method in the Game's Draw Method.
  • All models must be updated once the shadow OR camera have been changed.
  • This Engine/Library only specialises in the graphics part of game development.
  • This Project has been documented extensively so please use the Docs provided in the Release or source code.

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